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Chemists in the Courtroom - Ms Lim Chin Chin and Ms Chia Poh Ling (The Forensic Experts Group) 

May 27, 2016


"A lot of people associate Forensic Science with purely's about problem solving, and can be used for industrial applications, such as in insurance."

- Ms Chia on some common myths about Forensic Science

Forensic Science has always been a hotly pursued minor for NUS Chemistry majors and is also perceived as an exciting and meaningful job. But just what does being a forensic scientist entail? Ms Lim Chin Chin and Ms Chia Poh Ling of the Forensic Experts Group will now shed some light and debunk some myths.


Ms Lim graduated with a B.Sc (Hons) and M.Sc. degree in Chemistry from National University of Singapore and also obtained an MBA with Distinction from University of Leicester, UK. Ms Lim is a Senior Consultant Forensic Scientist of The Forensic Experts Group, Singapore. She has been a forensic scientist for 20 years, and her expertise includes trace evidence, fires and explosions, and bloodstain patterns.

Ms Chia graduated with a B.Sc (Hons) degree in Chemistry from National University of Singapore, and is a Consultant Forensic Scientist of The Forensic Experts Group, Singapore. She has 16 years of experience in forensic science, and her forensic expertise lies in the areas of fire and explosions, chemical analysis of unknown substances, and crime scene examinations. 

It was an eye-opener for us interviewers as we learnt more about the various aspects of a forensic scientist's job, such as crime scene analysis, laboratory work and legal duties, as well as the local market demand for forensic scientists. Watch the interview video below to decide if you would like to embark on this career path!

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