Esterification Workshop 2017

June 03, 2017

NUS ACSSC held an esterification workshop for high school students, teaching them the real process of synthesizing an ester instead of the simplified version they learn in their A-level syllabus of acid + alcohol -> ester. Through the workshop, participants learnt various new techniques and apparatus in a fun and engaging manner.

Molecular Gastronomy Workshop

July 08, 2016

NUS ACSSC facilitated molecular gastronomy workshops held by Dr. Linda Sellou. Participants were given a hands-on opportunity to make ice-cream and chocolate mousse, while club members explained the chemistry behind the food. The workshops combined colloidal chemistry and food science in a simple, fun and delicious manner. 

DOW Surprising Science - Outreach in Public

July 22, 2015

The Surprising Science Fair was organised and catered to 150 secondary school students from 10 schools and organisations. The chemistry behind soap bubbles was explained, allowing students to understand how knowledged gained in the classroom is applied in everyday life.

Nobel Experiments - Outreach at NUS High

May 19, 2015

These Nobel Prize in Chemistry workshops were conducted to demonstrate out-of-classroom practical aspects of chemistry. Students were introduced to the research journey of Nobel Prize-winning scientists before getting to “recreate” their experiments and applying them to real life.

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